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Vintage "Christmas in the Cyclone Cellar" McKinney

Vintage "Christmas in the Cyclone Cellar" McKinney

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Just about Fine condition. Binding is tight, there are no folds or damage to the pages. The book appears to be unread. The back cover has a tiny bit of dirt.

This is a private first edition of 1000 copies by Robert McKinney. Printed for friends of Marielle and Robert in Christmas 1993.

Delightful read, it is a small paperback of 13 pages, not including a few unnumbered pages.

It was published without a dust cover. Stored in archival wrap in cat free, smoke free home.

9" x 6"


We sell vintage or antique items. Your understanding of the condition and imperfections of these types of items is appreciated. We do our best to point out any flaws or evidence of wear an item may have. Many times, that evidence of wear is the deciding factor in the authenticity of an item and therefore, we sell items in their original condition, leaving any alterations to the new owner.

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