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Vintage Original Framed Chinese Stone Rubbing

Vintage Original Framed Chinese Stone Rubbing

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This is an original stone rubbing on rice paper from China. It was a gift to me in the 1970's. This is not a reproduction. It is authentic. Stones were traditionally carved to mark an event or location or other cultural event.

Framed it is 18" x 12"

This has been professionally mounted and framed with archival backing and mat boards. The mats are covered in rice paper. The frame is a new high quality intentionally distressed wooden frame.

"These beautiful works are made by pressing thin sheets of wet paper into carvings or inscriptions cut in stone or other hard materials and carefully inking the surface to create a copy of the original. The resulting rubbing has white impressions where the paper was pressed into the carving surrounded by a typically black ink field. (If the inscription is cut in relief, rather than intaglio, black and white are reversed.)

Because they are easily transported, rubbings quickly became the primary means to faithfully reproduce and share historical data, poetry, scholastic texts, calligraphy, and art throughout China. Due to the loss and deterioration of many original stones through the centuries, rubbings frequently are the sole remaining evidence of a significant portion of China's artistic and cultural heritage." ( from: field museum)

Stored hanging in a smoke free home.

This will be professionally packed for shipping.

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