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1 Pair Natural Herkimer Diamond Earrings Sterling Silver

1 Pair Natural Herkimer Diamond Earrings Sterling Silver

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This listing is for ONE pair.

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These are representative of the pair you will receive. These are the natural stone, the way it came out of the ground. The stones are set on new handcrafted sterling silver. The stones are 5mm - 9mm each. Sterling backs are also included.

These earrings are made with a type of double terminated quartz. They are called Herkimer Diamonds. They are naturally-faceted and feature good to excellent clarity. They are not actually diamonds, but are clear, naturally faceted and sometimes colorless like diamonds. Because these are natural, they have flaws and imperfections and each will be different.

I appreciate the individuality of each stone, no two are alike, just like snowflakes. I do my best to match them for size and shape when I am setting them.

About Double Terminated Quartz points:
They are able to transmit and receive energy from both terminations and represent balance and remind us of the need to both give and take. Quartz points can be used to facilitate deep meditation states, vivid dream states and expand conscious awareness. They are also used to treat addiction.

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