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2 Vintage Cards - Doily - Cat, Flowers, Tulips - General & Valentine 3D

2 Vintage Cards - Doily - Cat, Flowers, Tulips - General & Valentine 3D

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These 2 cards are in very good condition, no tears or folds.

both cards are 3d and the decorative part pop out. The pink one is 1948, has no writing in it and has a lovers poem. The grey/green one has a longer poem inside and no writing. It does have inscription on the back. This card is a general purpose card. Looks like it was given at Christmas and then again at New Years.

Good color and the paper is strong. Excellent to use in a mixed media project or for creating something new.

The largest is 6.75" x 5".

Stored in a smoke free, cat free home, this has no lingering odors other than a slight old book smell.


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