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Antique 39 Inch Strip of Authentic Victorian French Jet Mourning Beads

Antique 39 Inch Strip of Authentic Victorian French Jet Mourning Beads

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This is an interesting strip of beadwork. It is 39" and 3.25 inches wide. This is in excellent antique condition. I have handled it during photographing and listing and no beads fell off.

The surface is covered in a herringbone type of design in small hand cut beads.

There are random brown threads that do not appear to have anything to do with the strip. They may have had other decorative beads on them that were removed.

This is a piece of a deconstructed funeral dress.

Perfect for millinery, incorporated into an article of clothing or restoring an antique dress.

It shows light wear consistent with an antique item. The fiber is not brittle but care should be used when cleaning. Suggestion would be, if incorporated into a clothing item, that it be attached in such a way that it can be removed before cleaning.

We sell vintage or antique items. Your understanding of the condition and imperfections of these types of items is appreciated. We do our best to point out any flaws or evidence of wear an item may have. Many times, that evidence of wear is the deciding factor in the authenticity of an item and therefore, we sell items in their original condition, leaving any alterations to the new owner.


Stored in plastic in a non smoking home, they has no lingering odors.

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