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Antique Embroidered Childs Cloth Chinese Shoes One Pair & 3 Singles

Antique Embroidered Childs Cloth Chinese Shoes One Pair & 3 Singles

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Beautiful little shoes. These are in good to average condition.
The soles are also hand made with stitched muslin in multiple layers.

The pair in this lot are crocheted and show fading and wear. They are 4" x 1.5". I think they are the lion.

The cutest one is the pink and blue one. I am not sure what image it is. It has a fuzzy face which is why it looks funny in the picture. 4.5" x2".

The largest is pink and has dirt and has been worn. It is possible that it is a lotus shoe or a child's. It is 6" x 2.25".

The red one is shaped like a lotus shoe, and may be for sleeping or something. Unlined silk and muslin with a butterfly? on front. There is light dust on the shoe and interior.

They are in average condition. I do not recommend them for daily wear. I suggest they be used for display only.

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