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Authentic Antique Black Beaded Purse - 1890s

Authentic Antique Black Beaded Purse - 1890s

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Faceted black beads make up this bag. It is an authentic antique and all original. It is from a collection of antique beaded items that my mother owned.

It is circa 1890. I recommend this not be used. It should be a display or museum item. It can be restored with minimal repair.

It is 15" long including the handle and 7" wide at the widest.

It is may be missing beads. It has an area on one side that is missing a strand. Photo is above. The beads are not loose there. and when I shake the bag, no beads fall off. That does not mean that there are not loose beads. The interior lining is silk and still intact, but it is brown with age.

To clean it should be soaked in a lingerie wash, such as woolite delicate, in warm ( not hot) water, gently squeeze the warm soapy water through the fabric, drain and add cool water to rinse. Always only squeezing, never twisting. Lay flat to dry on a white towel, do not hang to dry. Once dry it can be displayed out of the sun.

Stored in an acid free environment in a non smoking home, this has no lingering odors.

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