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Large Vintage Oval Uranium Glass Serving with Lid Authentic Vaseline Glass

Large Vintage Oval Uranium Glass Serving with Lid Authentic Vaseline Glass

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Excellent condition kiwi green Vaseline glass bowl with a lid. This is 7" x 5" x 2 3/4". There is no makers marks on it.

Pristine example. Many uses such as butter, refrigerator, serving dish, candy jar and more.

The knob on top appears to have been applied by hand. It is a bit off center and has a tiny little off center bump also.

There are no marks or cracks, only a couple of tiny fleabites on the edge of the lid and bottom. They are not visible, you need to run your finger around the edge to feel them.

This is uranium glass, so it glows florescent green/yellow under a black light. It is not radioactive enough to be a hazard, unless finely ground enough to breathe as dust. Even if the glass were to break, that would only minimally increase the surface area from which uranium might be leached. No, uranium glass is no more hazardous than, say, lead glass. It is safe to eat from also. Because it is old, I suggest you wash by hand and not microwave it.

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