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Old Pawn Native American Heishi & Fetish Necklace 30" Graduated Lengths

Old Pawn Native American Heishi & Fetish Necklace 30" Graduated Lengths

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This triple strand necklace is most likely a Zuni piece, however it is not signed. The necklace has sterling end caps and the heishi and fetish birds are well made.

I suggest, if you plan to wear it, to have it restrung. The closure is rough and is original and authentic to the necklace.

Each strand is a different length. They are 26", 28" and 30". The color is consistent and a soft yellowish beige.

"Native Americans in the Southwest have been wearing beaded jewelry for centuries. They are known for creating beautiful shell beads by hand. These beads are called “heishi,” which means “shell” in the Santo Domingo language Keres. Necklaces with similar bead styles have been found in the ancestral Puebloan sites Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. Traditionally, heishi beads are smooth flat discs."

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