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Vintage Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe -Bulldog

Vintage Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe -Bulldog

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Fabulous pipe from a private collection (LA). This is a Bulldog shape. The pipe has been barely smoked. The mouthpiece has no marks. Made in Turkey by Paykoc. ( the stand is for display and not included in listing)

Excellent condition, this is a lattice carving, perhaps peacock feathers. Custom made case is included. There is a bit of dirt in the case. Your pipe will absorb the smoke taking on new character as it browns.

The first recorded use of meerschaum for making pipes was around 1723. It quickly became prized as the perfect material for providing a cool, dry, flavorful smoke. Because of the porous nature of meerschaum moisture and tobacco tar are drawn deep into the stone. Meerschaum became a premium substitute for the clay pipes of the day and remains prized to this day, although since the mid-1800s briar pipes have become the most common pipes for smoking.

Length: 5 1/4"
Width: 1 3/4"
Height: 2"
Inner Bowl Height: 1 3/4"
Bowl Width: 7/8"

Basic Care Instructions
-Do not drop or tap the pipe on hard surfaces
-Do not use pipe sweetener
-Do not allow a cake to build inside the bowl
-To clean, always twist off stem clockwise and pull outward - NEVER twist counter-clockwise
-Avoid water - Meerschaum becomes malleable with water
-Only smoke your meerschaum pipe once or twice a day
-When lighting your pipe, keep the flame over your tobacco - Do not burn the rim of your pipe
-Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe out the bowl
-Store your meerschaum in its case or on a pipe rack - Keep it in a cool, dry place


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