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Vintage Rustic Ber-Briar Smoking Pipe

Vintage Rustic Ber-Briar Smoking Pipe

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This is a vintage pipe from a private collection (RS). The bowl is in average condition with evidence of heavy use. The mouthpiece is in average condition with a few tooth marks. The bowl has wear and a few small chips on the rim.

Brand is Ber-Briar

5" long, bowl is 1" across, 1 3/4" tall. This Is a billiard shape. This pipe is suitable for a woman or person with smaller hands.

This pipe is in the condition as I found it. It has not been cleaned or altered. We leave those changes to the buyer. It is priced to account for the damage.

No international shipping.

To visit the shop;

We sell vintage or antique items. Your understanding of the condition and imperfections of these types of items is appreciated. We do our best to point out any flaws or evidence of wear an item may have. Many times, that evidence of wear is the deciding factor in the authenticity of an item and therefore, we sell items in their original condition, leaving any alterations to the new owner

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